Site Revival 2021

August 11, 2021

Hello world!... again. It's been some time since I have last touched this site, like, two and a half years long (last post on here was made back in December 2018, jeez). What happened?

Well, lets just say I got really demotivated to do any and all hacking related activities or cybersec related activities and also got really sidetracked with what life threw at me. Needless to say, I had lost a part of my motivation to learn more and expand my curent skills in cybersecurity, and lost the will to learn more.

To put it in good old TL;DR fashion, I got burnt out.

However, recently I managed to reignite my motivation to continue to learn and that what brings me here today. I decided to undergo a name change in regards to my screen name, something more shorter and more hacker like (oooo look at hackerman here he added a 0 to his name he must think he's a cool kid now!!1!1!). I probably might still use my original name around the web, but it might be more dedicated to gaming now.

Second thing, I wanted to change the website design and framework. The original site was running on Hexo and had a pretty neat theme, but I started to dislike it since it seemed too 'ehh' to me and I felt like I wanted to run with something different. I decided to land on Gatsbyjs since I found it to be really neat in terms of loading up pages and interacting with the site. It feels quicker and snappier, and it does not feel like I am loading up a new page every time I move through the site. Needless to say, I was impressed. As for the theme, I ended up using something called Chronoblog which is what the site is currently running now. Migrating all the existing posts from the old site was pretty simple (really, there was only one), since this theme followed the same format for writing posts as the previous site did. The only thing I ever had to do was to change some labels in the post metadata.

As for the future of this site, I'll primarly use it to store my writeups of any challenge I do in order to re-enforce my learning, and if I ever have to type out any long updates they will go here. There might be other things I add that I didn't think about now while writing this post but when they happen, they will happen.

Anyways, that's about all I have to cover. Here's to what's in store.




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